1. Hospital forest.

  2. SSN is teaching me classical music.
    Thank you A.Vivaldi.

  3. Medical furniture.


  6. Setting up - with spcnvdr

  7. Setting up - with spcnvdr

  9. prove

  11. Refreshing memories @ LIRA // Bassano del Grappa // May 2014

    (Fonte: leraneacide-portfolio)


  12. http://dawsonscreek.info/post/88460630555/mortal-kombat

    "Success and failure are both a distraction. I want to let them go. I want to live on an island in Finland and make ceramics and felted hats. I want to be one of those unimpressive regular people you ignore on your way to the club. I’ll be slightly overweight and wearing overalls. I’ll be grounded and smiling while you ignore me."

    Jaakko Pallasvuo you made my day <3


  14. MY TIMEFLYTUNIC EXISTS - timefly 17 - a project by kimlaughton


  15. My interview @ isamit-morales for noiseymusic on Alps Cover incoming event I’m going to partecipate playing too. Enjoy.