We’re getting nervous, we kissed cigarettes.
Smoke instead love since love is too smoky.

Not just a broken glass.
It was stolen.
I took it as refund for a broken plate.
So, in a way, it was a plate, a broken one.
The tram was the fourteen, it brings you from the center of Genève to the France border, it stopped rudely and my flatmate left my plate to fall.
We all loved that glass in our new flat, in a way we loved the plate too.

But everything is broken now, as sometimes things fall down or just crack themselves without any explanation.
I threw everything away, even the relationship between the plate and the glass.



LandShape - soon @ SpazioUltra

One year ago / Fourth of seven houses I changed in the last seven years / I scared him but he loved me in his way

Milano suburbs aka the well masked Ghetto.

I love to wear clothes “made in all over the world” ‘cause it makes me feel aware of whole world existence even being still in the same place for a while.